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Topdeck: Winter Spirit – Swiss Alps to Italy

Day 5: Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland to Florence, Italy

Since we will be heading to Italy, throughout the blog, I will be referring Catholic Church as Duomo. 🙂

We were well on our way to Florence with one stopover in Pisa to visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Piazza del Duomo.  Beautiful view and yes I did the touristy thing pretending to push the Leaning Tower of Pisa … 😀

After the stopover in Pisa, we were on our way to Florence.  The hostel that we stayed at was Plus Hostel Florence.  Nice room!  We got a very spacey room with our own toilet and shower.  Double plus for us four women!

Day 6: Florence Italy

We had to get up early to have breakfast and to walk to the very first Duome in Italy to start our walking tour.  There is so much history in Florence – not just old building but significant history.  Duome was built over 200 years, across 5 generations and you can tell by the architecture as they has 3 different designs melded.  In 1966, the big flood that occurred in Florence, has washed away the marble floor – what they didn’t know was that Florence itself was built on top of another town … very interesting because when the marble floor was washed away, they found an old church underneath the current Duome.  That was wow!!

Then we journeyed through Florence, I wish I can list them all but I rather you visit Florence to experience the history.  After the walking tour finished, I went to Piazza della Repubblica to view the costume gallery – beautiful history of clothes that was designed and worn in Florence – I was slightly disappointed however I enjoyed the history.  It is better for me to visit Milano, the capital of fashion in Italy to view the full range of fashion designed historically.

I didn’t get the chance to visit the Goth Church in Florence to view the tombs … ah well, certainly will come back to Florence and Italy itself. 🙂  I wish I could stay longer to explore Florence more.   If Topdeck was a hop-on, hop-off bus, I would certainly stay in Florence longer.

Day 7: Florence, Italy to Rome, Italy

Merry Christmas!!

We got up late to leave late so we can have time to talk to our love ones somewhere in this world … well, I managed to Facebook message my girl back in Australia.  Just managed but it wasn’t perfect.

We board the bus and headed to Rome with one stopover in Orvieto.  This place is based up on the top of the cliff … I can’t really say mountain because it has a cliff face so … You will see in the photo. Beautiful old place and yes we visited another Duomo.  We also has lunch there as well.  Kebab was superb!!

The place is just beautiful and we can see all of the grape vineyard.

After our stop in Orvieto, we headed into Rome.  We stayed at Plus Camping Roma and it is lovely.  Topdeck crew has Christmas Feast to celebrate Christmas and we did the Secret Santa.  I got a Florence snow globe for Christmas from Secret Santa.

Better Internet so I get to Facetime my darling in the evening of Christmas Day!!  It was lovely to catch up.  Better than messaging each other and having Internet drop out.  It is critical for a Deaf person to have Internet – TRUST ME!!

Day 8: Rome, Italy

Happy Boxing Day!!

Wow!  We spent most of the day walking through the Rome and managed to see a lot of Rome.  We visited the following area:

  • Spanish Steps (134 steps)
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Pantheon
  • Piazza Navona
  • Piazza Venezia
  • Colosseum.

I don’t really have to explain my experience as my photos can tell the story.  🙂

Tomorrow, we will be going to Vatican, as they weren’t open today.

Toga Party tonight!!  Toga! Toga!

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