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Grant Applications …. bitterly disappointed

Wednesday 18th December 2013

I have written two grants applications earlier this year and unfortunately I did not get either of the grant applications therefore I am bitterly disappointed.  I have already fired an email asking for feedback for both grant applications.

I had my hope pinned on the individual grant from Arts Queensland more than the hope for Experimental Arts Grant … I wish I did not read the email when I hopped off the aeroplane – being tired from 6 hours flight from Toronto to London … I am on Toronto time so I didn’t get any sleep on the flight.

That feeling when I read the email, the whole world has dropped around me and I become emotional about the unsuccessful grant application.  Even worse, I was criticising myself, saying that I did not write a very attractive application and so forth.  Being overtired and sooky, I tend to take things the wrong way.   I had high expectation of obtaining this Individual Grant application … this just shows that you cannot always pin your hope on the grant application although you would like to be optimist.  I am an optimist rather than realist.

For now, I will just get through today and re-think my next two grant application that I am currently writing.  This time, I will just focus the grant application on my training and the creative development process to develop a solo, duo, or trio show.

Also I will have to stretch my budget for UK trip … I have decided to postpone the trip to Ireland to another time … I am yet to decide what to do for the last two weeks while I am in UK.  I will probably come back to London and explore other opportunities … Who knows.

Right now, I am just sitting in the cafe waiting for the 2.30pm to approach so I can check in and get some sleep.  Right now, its 11am so peace out!

Friday 20 December 2013

I have received the feedback from both grant applications – both application has been highly ranked although hit and miss in some areas.

With the Experimental Arts Grant Application – I haven’t shown the prototype on my page and needed to demonstrate project team – I failed to do that on my website which has created doubts with the application.  Next time, I will know what to do.  I just need to create the prototype and demonstrate teamwork on my website.

With the Individual Arts Grant application, I didn’t show how the grant will help with career progression and my artistic foundation is not strong enough.   Very good feedback as I now know what to write for the next grant application.

I am very pleased with the feedback as it will guide the next lots of grant application.

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