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Emoti-Chairs at Christmas Carol in London, Ontario, Canada

It was an interesting and intriguing experience as I really enjoyed working with the new concept to allow Deaf people to enjoy music and other sounds.  I am still gaining better understanding of the interaction with the emoti-chair … to be honest, I want one!!  It is the best experience that I ever had, even without my hearing aids – it worked for me and it worked for other Deaf people who participated in this experience.

Please note that, during the Carol of Bells, you can notice that the guy in the back was saying, this is amazing and the music is beautiful.  Although, there are few error within the video and I apologise for the blurry testimony from the participant as I forgot to turn off the auto-focus on my camera, which automatically zoomed to the maroon curtain.  I apologise in advance for not captioning the ASL as I am not fluent in translating ASL to English.  You can basically understand what they are saying about their experience.

To be clear, there are a team of people working on this project which are Ryerson University, TADsInc and David Bobier.   The PowerPoint is created by Maggie MacPherson however it does explain how the emoti-chair works.   You can view the PowerPoint:

Please refer to previous post about the projects at Ryerson University.  Also you can view other videos:

Dr Maria Karam, whom is the owner of TADsInc (Tactile-Audio Displays) and you can view a list of her articles at Research Gate.  You can request to contact her for more information about the chairs.  She is the person to contact if you want to buy one very expensive chair … 😀  Hopefully next year or year after, it can become affordable.  Needs to grow the demand to meet the supply of the vibra-tactile chairs.

Foremost, I am very pleased to contact David Bobier back in August to see if I can experience the vibra-tactile chairs that allows the Deaf audience be part of the experience whether it is Concert, Performing Arts, Theatre or Orchestra show.  I am very grateful of David organising few meetings via cyber-world prior to my travel to Canada. Thank you David. You can view David Bobier, his work with VibraFusionLab at

I do sincerely hope I am able to continue working with these amazing people in the near future and to see the concept of emoti-chairs to be taken to the next level in arts and cultural sector.

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