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Inclusive Media and Design Centre, Ryerson University

I attended the Inclusive Media and Design Centre (IMDC) at Ryerson University to explore the projects they are working on currently for the Deaf people.

I enjoyed exploring the research project this is happening at Ryerson University. Especially being intrigued with emotion and text and SignLink.

I wasn’t really a fan of Music Visualisation … not my cup of tea and had difficulty in grasping the concept of music visualisation.   My idea of music visualisation is very difficult to what was shown.

Emotion captioning …. I could take my hearing aids off and enjoy the TV show – I mean it is a fantastic idea really.  I could engage emotionally with the TV show.  Same with Sound Effect Captioning and I really appreciate the way the words are made to demonstrate the sound effect.  Watch the video and comment what you think on this post.

I have met a Deaf PhD candidate named Ellen Hibbard is exploring the impact of the vlogging practice and this is her dissertation summary:

The overall goal of this dissertation is to develop an in-depth understanding of current vlogging practices, and clarify the potential impact of vlogging and video-based communication on Deaf culture and communication practices. I will explore such questions as: how vlogging has influenced Deaf culture; the type of content vlogged; the process that people use; and the importance of sign language-centric approaches versus text-centric approaches. I will use these analyses to develop a framework of vlogging practice by the Deaf community and its impact on storytelling. My framework and analyses will adapt mainstream theories and develop new theory that is Deaf centric in order to characterize the practice of video technology for the Deaf community.

She is also working on the SignLink project that is to be updated and they were showing me potential development of the new SignLink website and potential to have positive impacts on the Deaf community and vlogging.    This is the old website:

If you would like to know more about the project, you can visit the IMDC website:  Please leave comments on the post of what you think of the research projects are I am intrigued to what your thoughts are.

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