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I have a dream …

Today, I went for a 40 minutes leisure walk in this lovely sunny weather with a temperature of 3ºC to Old Town of Toronto to visit Toronto Deaf Culture Centre.  I arrived approximately at 12noon only to find a purple sticky note on the door saying it will open at 1.45pm, no apology whatsoever. I said, ok, so I went to Starbuck to have a coffee and catch up with my emails.

Afterward, I wander through Lowe’s Toronto Christmas Market – interesting market and lots of Christmas gift out for sale.  Interesting arts and craft …. Food and drink …. I even saw Poutine cart … do you know what Poutine is? Its french fries with gravy and cheese curd …. I had my first and last poutine 7 years ago … it was revolting.  I am yet to be introduced to the “best” poutine.

1.45pm came around and I went to the Deaf Cultural Centre – it is not open yet … hmm.  So I went back to the market and found a cafe and sat down to have a snack – Red Velvet Cake …. ooohhh yum!! 2.15pm came around and I walked back to Deaf Culture Centre and it was eventually opened.

Interesting to say the least … books on ASL and deaf culture, arts done by deaf artists, objects and history of Deaf Culture in Toronto. If the staff or an update on the website were helpful, it would have been a better experience.  I was merely disappointed.  Although I am not the only one that has experienced the poor services of Deaf Culture Centre.  Better luck next time.  It would have been improved.  Sorry no photos as photographing were not allowed in Deaf Culture Centre due to respecting the artists.  Apologies in advance.

Now let me tell you my dream …

When I first met my partner 4 and half years ago, I was talking about a deaf hub –  a space for deaf people to come together, a theatre, a club and other events.  Now, I am thinking of a hub for people with disability – I mean deaf community is small and to gain the best benefit of the hub would require unison between the communities.    Also financial side of things as well.

The hub that I have dream of would entail:

  • arts gallery to allow artists to sell their work
  • theatre space to put a show on
  • space to allow people to have a jam – may it be music jam, comedy jam or theatre jam
  • a cafe / coffee shop that can be easily turned into a bar to allow people have their event be hosted – may it be a club or a private function
  • office space and studio space to allow people to work on their projects
  • visual arts room – painting, scultpure and other arts supplies
  • music production room
  • rehearsal room

It is a nice dream and a long term plan I hope to see happen.

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