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Not long to go …

I should have done the 1 week post on Saturday although I was at Access Arts Strategic Planning Consultation.  It was a shame that it was only one other person and I at the consultation.  Hopefully, when I do the community consultation for Deaf Arts Queensland next year, I will have a better number of deaf participant attending to demonstrate the demand to deliver arts and cultural projects to the deaf community.   It is all dependent on the grant application.

It is now 5 sleeps to Jet Off day!!  I am really excited as the first part of the trip will be very interesting – visiting the multi-sensory labs and meeting interesting people!!    The two weeks will be very busy and I will be in London to observe the vibratacile chairs with Orchestra – I certainly will film it to give you an idea of how it works.

I am yet to organise my accommodation for London … I will do that eventually although no rush at the moment.

I am thinking about visiting University of Reading to look into Deaf Theatre Studies and Wolverhampton to see where the Deaffest comes alive.  My schedule for UK is slowly coming together.

I am going to miss my circus training … I haven’t been to class for the last 4 weeks because my life has became so busy with organising everything!!  I certainly will continue doing my conditioning training when I am on the move. 🙂

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