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2 Weeks to go ….

I have received the news that I have been accepted into QUT Graduate Certificate in Creative Industries (Interdisciplinary) starting next year. This will help with boosting my chance to do practise based PhD. I also realised that I will hear the outcomes of my two grants application in 3 weeks time … I am nervous!

Wow!! Two more weeks to go and I just did the final shopping that I needed to do.  No more shopping except getting the chocolate and lollies for a friend of mine in Canada …. I laughed at their list and unfortunately you cannot get them in Canada, only in Australia.  Today I just bought a Pacsafe handbag with Pacsafe wallet – no-one will attempt to steal from me!!!  I test drove another friend of mine’s Pacsafe bag last year and OMG it was the best thing invented!!  

Pacsafe are anti-theft bags.  Not 100% bullet-proof but can withstand, say 95% of the attempts. I am happy with my investment.  

Things are starting to fall into place … I am now doing two weeks placement with Solar Bear Theatre Company in Glasgow and looking at going to Ireland for a week or so before I return home to reality.  Watch this space!!


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