My Birthday Today …

It has been rough for the last few days and my emotions has been going haywire!   Only few people knows and it is a long story … Not worth venting on this blog.  Anyway, today is my birthday and I turn a year younger.  I have decided that is “ME” day so I made the decision for what we can do today.  I had my early birthday present which was a Nikon D5200  Twin Kits and of course it is black, along with backpack and tripod.  I will pick up the Flash Speedlight, spare battery, and UV lens next week then I am set for my trip overseas.

This morning, we went to our favourite cafe, New Farm Deli for brunch.   I enjoyed it very much and we popped over to Tabs to put our bets on the horse.  I normally don’t gamble and this is my first gamble of my own since I became legal to gamble.  I don’t think I will do it again as it conflicts with my personal value.  The following horse that I bet on was:

  1. Green Moon
  2. Red Cadeaux
  3. Fiorente
  4. Mount Athos

When that was done, we were on my merry way to Boondall Wetlands.  It was a lovely day for bushwalking.  We decided to do Billai dhagun Circuit (Place of She-oaks) 2 kilometres and approximately 1 hour walk … really?  No it took us almost 2 hours because we were taking photos and practising nature photographing.  Oh what fun it was to play with my new camera.  Evidence provided!

Awesome photos taken at Boondall Wetland.  I also created my very first VLog with my camera.


We headed home in time for the Melbourne Cup race … So we watched the race and being anxious whether we won our horses or not … Well, I won, all three out of four horses.  I was shocked.  Then I headed to the Tab at Salisbury Hotel.  To check in my winning.  I though oh maybe $50 or $100 … So I put the ticket into the machine – the tab guy’s eye raised and looked at me … I was like what?  So I leaned a little to have a look at the screen … WOAH!!!  I wasn’t expecting that much money!!  A total of $925.15!  This will definitely go to my travel fund!!  What a perfect way to add to my birthday celebration.

Now I will just get ready for my birthday dinner at Jade Buddha tonight.

Peace Out!

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