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4 weeks to go …

Today marks the 4 weeks to my overseas trip – this trip, I am looking forward to, for may reason.  I am learning about new experimental work and performing arts.  I am really excited and at the same time nervous … Remind me of the word that my friend posted on my facebook page.


First part of the trip is organised – I didn’t have to do much as David organised me to meet with his partners and I get to visit and train at the circus in Toronto, not sure which one but more surprise for me I believe. 🙂 

Planning for UK, is coming along.  Candoco Dance Company is confirmed although Gravity and Levity has decided to postpone their intensive aerial dance training.  I was disappointed as I was looking forward to learning aerial dance under a new environment.  This means I will have to continue looking for professional development opportunities in UK.  

It is a good thing that I decided to withdraw from my honours program of Master of Environment degree.  I can now focus on my performing arts career – the start of the journey.  Eventually, I will be able to study Master degree in performing arts so I can do my PhD.   

My main focus now is to hope that I do get the grant from Arts Queensland (Individual Funds) and Australia Council for the Arts (Experimental Funds).  Once I have those, I will able to continue my professional development.  It is hard for artists to support themselves.  I am learning a lot about the arts environment.  Perhaps I will be able to integrate my current background with the future creative arts.

Oh and while I am still blogging, my partner has gave me an early birthday and christmas present – a Nikon D5200 Twin Kit with accessories.  I am happy however surprised!!  I am looking forward to making my first Vlog with the camera tomorrow and taking several pictures to practise.  Good preparation before I leave Australia. 

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