Deaf Arts

What a week in Melbourne …

What a week in Melbourne … I am tad tired as my brain was buzzing away through the night after the meeting with Arts Access Victoria and Deaf Arts Network yesterday about Deaf Arts Queensland.   I left the building with more questions than answer although I do feel empowered to continue working with the Deaf Community and to create a inclusive arts industry in Queensland.  My number one priority is to do the feasibility study and I won’t be planning any big projects until next year.  If the Deaf community asks me to organise few workshops, I am happy to do that however my number one priority is to do the Feasibility Study of Deaf Arts Queensland as it is critical to identify the demand and areas of improvement.  I am really excited about being part of this program.  Also I am keen to strengthen the relationship between each Deaf Arts Network across Australia including South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.  Exciting time ahead.  🙂

World Federation for the Deaf Youth Section (WFDYS), it has been an interesting few days (Friday and Saturday).  Few youth went to WFDYS camp earlier this year in Rome, Italy.  They came back to Australia with keen interest to develop Deaf Youth Association.  It is a great idea, but needs lots of support from all Deaf related organisations including state and national deaf association and deaf societies in Australia to make this successful.  Why I say that?  I was involved in Deaf Youth Leaders group to attract Deaf Youth to develop a group and attend a national camp 10 years ago … I did not receive any support and did not know what direction to take with establishing a youth group.  Also I was in a small town, with only 2 deaf youth means, there is nothing to go on with.  With technology that we have today, it is doable to make youth association successful. I am really keen for the organisations to support the youth as well.

Now, I am heading to Sydney for World Federation for the Deaf Conference.  It will sure be interesting few days of learning and networking.

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