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Grants Application and Sponsorship

The last few months has been a very big learning curve for me as I am learning a lot about grant writing and partnerships in Arts Sector.

First of all, I would like to say thanks to Vulcana Women’s Circus for their help in faciliating the Australian Council for the Arts, Experimental Arts Grant which I have submitted yesterday (Friday 4 October 2013).  Without their help and support, I would have been too ambitious and likely to miss out on the grant.  Originally, I requested for $140K for the grant application and the total cost was roughly about $180K.  How did I get this figure?  Well, I was being too ambitious and wanted to build at least 50 multisensory chairs and 30 square metre multisensory floor.

Bit too ambitious, isn’t it?  Well, someone stated that “Too much, what happen if it doesn’t become successful?  It will go to the waste!”  She had a point so I reduced the concept to 1 multisensory chair and 15 square metre multisensory floor.  Maybe 20 square metre if we have enough funds to produce the size of the floor.  I have to keep reminding myself that this is a research and development phase.  I really do hope the multisensory technologies can be very successful as it is a new area.  I also want to have the same experience as the hearing audience, through an alternative communication technique, that being the multisensory technologies.

So far, I have submitted my individual fund application for through Arts Queensland for my professional development and the Experiemental Arts Grant through Australian Council for the Arts.  I have everything crossed and I do hope the grant applications is successful.  If not, I can always keep trying for other grants, just to kickstart the project.

I also am waiting on the response from QUT about my PhD proposal on the Experience of Deaf Audience in Physical Theatre and does multisensory technologies improve the experience in physical theatre.

Sponsorship … Well, I have received my first rejection although, I don’t think they actually understood the project well enough.  It is a shame though, however they are happy to support the Deaf Arts Queensland program – especially with the feasibility studies.  That is something to work with.

I have been sending out lots of sponsorship letters to obtain funds for my professional development and/or to obtain photography equipments as I need to document the whole process. I don’t want to lose the knowledge and the information.  It will be locked in my brain so I need to record those things and it can be passed onto the next generation.  Also this process can be used for my PhD research.  If any other researchers are interested in understanding how I got from point A to point B in this research, it is critical to have those knowledge recorded.

Exciting time ahead!!

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