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I am actually speechless … I have successfully obtained the Rising Stars Bursary.  This is the Rising Star Bursary Application – Rising Star Bursary Application

Now I need to make it happen and create a social inclusive performing arts in Queensland as well as creating profile for myself.

Also I am in the process of confirming the quote for a custom-made traplyra which is a bit of both lyra and trapeze.  I am really excited about owning my first aerial equipment.  This is the equipment that I would like to use for my demo video.  This is related to my status on 2nd August – being excited until it is confirmed.  It is now well under the way and still waiting on the quote as we had to get down to nitty gritty details of the traplyra.  Once the traplyra is made, I will definitely provide some photos.

The bursary might help with the UK travel later this year or early next year as I would like to visit performing arts company such as Graeae Theater in London and Deafinity in Scotland.  I am excited and at the same time speechless!!

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