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Rising Star Master Class

Rising Star full document of tasks required for the devised theatre: Rising Star Program

A moment of reflection…

I really enjoyed the experience of being involved in Rising Star Master Class that was being conducted by Access Arts Inc with Arts Queensland and facilitated by 4 amazing people from Adelaide, South Adelaide.  Their name are Ingrid Voorendt (Specialise in devised performance), Gaelle Mellis (Design Director), Kyra Kimpton (member of restless dance company) and Lara Torr (audio descriptor).  The purpose of Rising Stars Master Class is to create a devised theatre that documented the journey of the tasks based on “white lies” that we did online and in 1 day and a bit.  I was originally going to do a Lyra act with bit of rant but we ran out of time so we dropped the idea of doing a Lyra act which was disappointing but I understood why we had to give Lyra a miss.   I will just do a mini video of the Lyra so others can see what I have been training on.

The Rising Star program was quite interesting because there are many different people with different disability with different background in arts. There was one devised piece that we had to do for a task, I worked with a visual impaired bloke name Pete and we adapted to each other to fit our needs – he knew I was deaf and I knew he was visual impaired.  This just means we have to be creative in our own ways that can represent to the audience.  It was definitely an interesting session.  I also communicated with a blind-deaf man named Brendan using tactile.  He did a great job and everyone was well adjusting to each other needs.  It was definitely amazing.

I asked this person, how do one form an ensemble in circus arts?  If the room was full of Deaf circus artists, of course, I would be able to create an ensemble to create a circus performance.  For me, it is difficult when all the people I know are hearing and they bounce ideas as fast as they can before I can even grasp the ideas.  It is frustrating for me as I have to stop them and remind them that I am deaf and needs to take things down a dial.  It’s like the people that I work with don’t have that adaptive dial on them … however during the Rising Stars program, we all had our adaptive dials on and understood each other.

That is how I remember the term “Adaptive Capacity” model which I gave to a friend, who is doing her PhD.  Adaptive capacity is heavily used in environmental science, especially in Climate Change although I found some articles are now starting to use the term adaptive capacity in physical theatre when involving people with disability.  The term “adaptive capacity” means how one can adapt to fit into the system.  Meaning you can’t expect the wheelchair bounded person to automatically walk so you need to adapt to fix the system by considering number factors including ramps and upper half movement with wheels as their feet.   We all needs to be creative and think outside the box.  During the Rising Star Program, we had our adaptive dials on and we adapted to each other easily to give a devised show.

After the show, I was talking with Gaelle whom is a theatrical designer based in Adelaide, South Australia.  She mentioned that my name is now travelling around Australia as they never heard a deaf woman doing circus aerials and is curious.   Gaelle herself heard about me prior to Rising Star Master Class and she had the chance to meet me in person so that was inspiring.   We had a discussion about few things and will keep in touch with each other.

I started talking to her about my dreams of what I wanted to do, about Deaf Arts Queensland and how I want to travel to London to be involved in the Circus Arts industry in UK and Europe, just to get more training in Circus Arts.

I was originally planning on applying for project fund to integrate technology with circus arts.  This project involves a lot of work and I need few people on board to make this project successful – maybe just an artist director is all I need.   Maybe I should apply for the grant and start thinking about the Fellowships application such as Churchill Fellowship and Creative Australia Fellowship.

Now I feel so many opportunities are coming my way and few doors are closing and few more doors are opening.   I am really excited about what will happen next and I feel that I now have opened the door to creativity once again.

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A clip is available via my facebook page.

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