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Curious Pixie

What does Circus Arts do to me?  It tests every single expectation that I have for myself and push every boundary that makes me uncomfortable but I do it anyway because I am curious to what I can do to myself.  For so long, I based my life to be academic hence why I am very pedantic and headstrong and can be very critical of myself.  I used to have dreams and they were taken away from me so I made my life to be academic.

Now, I am making my life to be different and my creativity is flowing through me poetically and physically.   I can think of so many different ways of doing things and I can visualise the movements.  The other day, I was curious to how I can teach a blind person to do aerials… I was visualizing it on trapeze and Lyra as a duo.  I am willing to take this as a challenge if anyone is willing to push themselves.

Forevermore I am curious.  I am a curious fairy.


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