My strange mood from time to time ….

A few weeks ago, someone said to me that I was in a strange mood … This person caught me in a moment of radical thinking where I was thinking of something out of the box.  Something about me … I tends to do a lot of radical thinking on my own and sometimes it is difficult to snap out of my thinking.  It just my creativity juice sloshing and splashing around in my head.

For a long time, I have always accepted people and their mood, their personality and their reactions, as you can’t be perfect in the society.  Although a lot of people don’t accept me for who I am as I tend to get weird from time to time.  This is why I only have few very close friends who actually do understand my tendencies.  Others are just friends that I try not to freak out too much.

My radical thinking can be:

  • Trying to make a decision that is acceptable at my standard.
  • I have high expectation of myself and if I don’t do it right, I actually over-criticize myself a lot.  I try to limit criticizing myself.
  • Jealousy can become a radical thinking for me when I see something and tends to be competitive.  It’s a fine line between Jealousy and Competitiveness.
  • Creativity thinking to get the juice following … In terms of testing the society standards and taboos.

If you ever see me in a strange mood, just let it go, as it is something that I need work through and being a perfectionist is a bad habit of mine.   It usually had nothing to do with you so don’t take it onboard.

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