A Dream Worth Achieving …

You know that feeling of sitting on the fence and not knowing where to go … I am now starting to regret doing my thesis when my mind is elsewhere … Being an environmental consultant is like my security although being involved in circus arts is a passion for me.

This means I won’t be doing PhD in Environmental Management and that decision I am definitely happy with.  The reason why I did environmental science is that I enjoy nature – although I cannot protest or advocate for environmental issues as I am a government employee.  That’s where the fine line is drawn.  I just love nature and I feel at peace protecting the nature when I can.

For some reason I keep asking myself, why am I going to Sydney to NCCARF Climate Change Conference when I want to go to Melbourne to explore the Deaf Arts and meet other deaf artists… I want to make a difference in arts industry for deaf artists and to have the same access to art sectors as Victoria.

I have a dream … I would like to have 3 or 4 deaf women ensemble that is involved in theatre and circus arts to create a show for Australian and overseas audience – more specifically the Deaf audience.  This feeling makes me really excited and motivated.  I even have an idea for a project called “Dream of a Butterfly” and yet to work on it further as I have been busy with studies and so forth.

As you know, I am a Vulcana trainee as well as board member for Vulcana Women’s Circus, the staffs has been inviting me to few meeting to make an impact on the potential organisations … I can feel the strong advocacy for deaf people in arts sectors.   I am happy to advocate for deaf community to access the arts sector comparing to advocating for interpreters for any environmental related training and conferences… I really enjoy self-advocating and advocating for circus arts.

I even based my Leaders for Tomorrow Program on wanting to establish a Deaf Arts Network Queensland, advocating for Auslan interpreters in theatres and have the Deaf Women’s Circus re-established.  With a purpose to inspire the emerging and aspiring deaf artists to be involved in projects and providing quality Auslan interpreters in theatres.  This will support the deaf community to make a positive social change; encouraging the growth of theatre involvement for the deaf community; and providing greater access to theatre and theatre programs for the Deaf communities.

I am ready for a change … I have set my eye on 1 October 2013 Audition for Bachelor of Circus Arts under NICA.  This degree is based in Melbourne … yes MELBOURNE!!  I wish there was a course or degree in Brisbane, or even Queensland but hey you can only get what you can get.

This means I am getting myself in gear for 1 October.  I have booked myself into Ballet and Contemporary 10 weeks intro course and identified areas where I need to work on, for instance flexibility.  It really showed when I was doing Lyra on Tuesday night.  I was trying to do a foot hang with my leg straight – the instructor keep telling me to pull my tummy in and leg in … it didn’t work because I have not been able to get my hand pass my feet yet with leg straight.  I can reach it and barely touch the floor with flat palm … still a lot of work to do with my flexibility.  I might have to do flexibility course – it’s a matter of finding a good flexibility course that will push you to the limit.  Looks like I will do Bend and Stretch next term – I already suggested to Vulcana to have different level of Bend and Stretch to allow seasoned participant to step up with their flexibility.

Also I will be increasing conditioning routines with that actually increases the intensity of the workout.  Still haven’t worked out which courses or gym to go to yet.  Look like I might enlist a help of personal trainer but not sure yet.

My partner will be taking some photos this Sunday at the Open Access.  So I am really excited.

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