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Lagos and Lisbon of Portugal

Lagos, Portugal - 22 July to 24 July 2017 I caught to bus from Seville to Lagos.  It's actually not a 4 hour bus ride but a 5 hour bus ride.  It didn't include the one hour backward (GMT 0:00 hour or GMT +1 daylight saving).  Don't let the bus hours on bus fool you.… Continue reading Lagos and Lisbon of Portugal

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Madrid, Toledo and Seville of Spain

Madrid, Spain – 17 July to 20 July 2017 I caught a train from Valencia to Madrid – a four hours train ride with lovely scenery. As I arrived, I purchased a T10 ticket (10 trips ticket) to get myself to the hostel and use it for the next three days. When I arrived at… Continue reading Madrid, Toledo and Seville of Spain

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Communicating in foreign country

Communicating in foreign country Warning: this post is likely to offend the people of France and Spain. As a deaf person travelling solo through France, Andorra, Spain and Portugal – I never felt so demoralised by people’s blunt refusal to acknowledge my deafness and my inability to speak their language. From my experience of travelling… Continue reading Communicating in foreign country

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Barcelona and Valencia of Spain

Barcelona, Spain - 13 July to 15 July 2017 I caught ASLA bus from Andorra la vella to Barcelona, Spain.  Bus is the only public transport in and out of Andorra.    Scenery is interesting on the way into Spain and Fanta de la Baells were gorgeous on the way down.  Pity, I wasn't quick… Continue reading Barcelona and Valencia of Spain